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Greenfinches Square Dance Club celebrates 32 years of dancing on Tuesday 5th  September 2017. We have been dancing at the Hamersley Recreation Centre for most of that time. The club will celebrate its birthday dance with all the Fun and Friendship that Square Dancing has to offer and the newly renovated hall will add to the night’s glamour and glitter.   



Greenfinches is one of WA’s biggest and friendliest square dance clubs with about 60 members and they regularly dance 3 – 4 sets on a Tuesday night.

During their 32 years there have been five different club callers and the current caller is now Steve Turner. Previously Don Gauci had been calling at the club for 16 years to December 2013. There has been 11 Club Presidents and 15 life memberships granted during the 32 years.

Three of those members are still active dancers at the club today.

Square Dancing is done to all kinds of music from Modern, Rock 'N' Roll, Classical, Gospel and Country Music and is for all ages from 8 to 80+.  



 Why not give Square Dancing a go.

Phone free call 1800 643 277


Or call 9243 1200



Square Dancing is Fun & Friendship set to Music

Find out when you can come and try a Introduction Dance Session.

Greenfinches Square Dance Club 


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